Latest versions Air watche agent

The Air watch agent allows you to authenticate and enroll your device in air watch the intuitive enrollment process will prompt you to authenticate accept a terms of useagree ment and to install the applications content and profiles set by you it administrator from the air watch agent you can view device details read messages from verify you compliance status and request support from your it administrator the air watch agent will report details and compliance status to the admin console
airwatch mdm agent works in conjunction with and is managed through configurable system settings within the admin console airwatch mdm agent will not operate without the required airwatch infrastructure please a contact you it administrator before installing air watch agent

Air watch agent features

easy user authentication
intuitive prompted device enrollment over the air

 access to corporate resources
automatic access to apps content and resources configured by your it administrator
single sign on for all airwatch applications

view device details such as free memory current compliance status and telecom usage
receive messages when out of compliance
contact support for additional assistance

  1. Download and install the airwatch agent on you device from google play store
  2. enter your corporate email address
  3. This when prompted enter you credentials and accept the terms use 
  4. the apps content and profiles configured by your it administrator will prompt you to install automatically
the optimize you security and productivity air watch will collect some device information including
mobile number
serial number
universal device I dentifier
international mobile equipment I dentifier
sim card i dentifier
mac address
currently connected ssid

The app is the link you it team needs to grant you access to those resources all personal data including personal email text messages image videos web browsing and mobile call are protected and won be shared with you it department
vm ware air watch agent also letsd you
device details
A Access up to date information on the status of your device and ensure you stay in compliance with corporate rules set by your it department to maintain access
stay in touch with it
instantly access email and phone support from you it department with fast access to important updates
telecom usage

Additional  Information
updated                        Installs                    current version
26/feb/2018                                  5,000,000-10,000,000              
Download             Requires Android              offered by 
  free                                           4.0 and up                                    Air watch



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