The Latest Versions Candy Crush soda Sage 1.109.4 apk download 

Candy crush soda sage view

 the one reason of this variation of candy crush game to be made is the fact that the original version is a king of cultural phenomenon there have been millions of people played that game within the Android platform thus finally king comes with the idea of creatinga new variation of that game using the same concept in different atmospheres the so calledsoda sage there is the key of the different atmosphere of featuring bubbles as if there is soda sage there within the board of the game despite a pretty similar concept of the game for the first one it remains to be a fresh touch done by king Heather
control and the game play of the mage remains the same as the first one It means that it will remain to be additive to be played for a long time machine the same colored candies to clear the level is the thing to do there in the game building combo is going to help to win the game easier and quicker there are vital pieces within the puzzle to pay attention such as ice blocks cupcake holder as well as licorice laces so upon the new variation of this classic and popular game in the android device these are some crucial things to notice there

atmosphere of game play with the addition of soda
 simple game play and control
 more and more levels to play ad conquer
 attractive graphical display 

the fact that the basic IDEA of candy crush soda sage for Android is the same as the original one mares that on gelling the best of will require the same techniques the key thing to do is to build as many combos as possible within the game so that the score can be as high as possible that score builds are pretty essential in the game mode that needs a certain score to be completed over it is also essential to understand the best way to make pairs in the game clearly there will be not much of changes needed in playing the game as everything will be the same as the previous game


LATEST VERSION                                                       Updated
 1.109.4                                                                                           march/ 5/2018

Downloads                                                                                     Update size
110,000,000++ downloads                                                               79.86MB


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